Faldur Stonehammer


Faldur Stonehammer is a dwarf fighter, the godson of King Olaf and heir apparent to Axerise Hold. He is also the current Mayor of Coldforge. Faldur is known as an ambassador between the dwarven holds of Axerise and Oldstone, where his cousin, King Magni holds the throne.

Faldur has thick black hair with not a trace of gray, which he wears long and unbraided. His beard, which is soft and bushy, grows nearly to his feet. Faldur is about average height for a dwarf, standing just over four feet. He dresses in heavy chain armor and wields an enchanted stone warhammer, his family’s namesake, in one hand, and a wooden shield in the other.

Faldur grew up in Coldforge, a dwarven city overlooking the Bearded Pass, although his parents, the aunt of uncle of King Magni, lived in The Undersummit, a city attached to Oldstone Hold to the far East. Faldur was raised as royalty by the servants of King Olaf, and enlisted in the army of Axerise Hold as soon as he was old enough to wield a hammer. During his time with the military, Faldur spent a lot of time moving between Axerise, Coldforge, and The Undersummit. Until recently, Faldur would spend the spring and summer in Coldforge, and the autumn and winter in The Undersummit. However, since his election as the Mayor of Coldforge, it is likely that he will have to take up permanent residence there.

Faldur is a friend of Garret’s. When Garret was separated from the rest of the Black Rose Mercenary Company, he spent a fair amount of time in The Undersummit, where he met Faldur. After leaving The Undersummit, however, Garret did not meet the dwarf again until he was at the foot of the Bearded Pass with his newest adventuring party, where he encountered Faldur, Guff and Galp locked in battle with a marauding party of orcs.

The orcs were easily defeated once the players joined the fray, and Faldur asked a favor of the party. When they came back successfully from their mission, the players were allowed passage through the Dwarven Impasse and en route to Taras. As a result of the valuable information the players gleaned for the dwarves, Faldur was nominated and elected mayor of Coldforge within a number of days.

Faldur Stonehammer

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