Barn The Barbarian


Aliases: Was born as Geriandris, The Beast – name given to him in the fighting pits. Bar-Bar.
Alignment: Neutral Good


Eye color: Blue

Hair: White with Black Shoulder

Skin: Pinkish (Under fur)

Height: 7’ 5”

Build: Large, more sinewy than bulky.
Distinguishing features: Is a bear, Demon Skin grafted onto shoulder(reason his shoulder is covered in black hair), multiple scars from a hard and dangerous life, luscious hair, magnum dong.

Typical attire: Leather Harness, Wolf-skin Cape


Likes: A good fight,, the thrill of the hunt, dwarves.

Dislikes: Elves, weaklings, other sissy things, close or tight spaces: anything that resembles a cage.

Fears: Dying a coward’s death.

Aspirations: To someday rule his own barbarian kingdom, to gain vengeance for the death of his adopted family

Quirks/Mannerisms: Illiterate, was raised by dwarves so he likes dwarves, uses his size to intimidate lesser beings, relishes a good fight, will always try to befriend any canines he encounters(due to the guilt he feels for killing the wolves that took him in)

Vices/Addictions: Good Drinker, likes a fight

Intolerances: Disrespect for dwarves or nature, slavers and bandits.

Personality Overview: On the exterior, Barn appears to be the typical barbarian: callous and reckless with a bawdy sense of humour and a fondness of strong spirits and ale. He acts cold because he’s lost all the people that have ever shown him kindness, but on the inside he hopes that he can someday find someone who won’t be taken from him. He has a fondness of animals, especially wolves, and has trouble interacting with people. Generally uses his size to intimidate people, as people try to take advantage of his illiteracy and stiff him on payment for work. Although he works as a mercenary he doesn’t trust his peers because of his past.


Mother: Dead.

Father: Birth father died. Adopted Dwarf father, Lorn ßörson, was a blacksmith who raised him and taught him the basics of civility. Lorn died in a bandit raid after completing Barn’s bastard sword: Wolfsbane.

Siblings: Dead. The closest thing he had to siblings were the pack of wolves that saved him as a child, but he was forced to kill them to prove his loyalty to the dwarves. Children: None
Allies to Note:
Enemies to Note:


Born to a chieftain of a Northern tribe of Bearborn. His birth cause commotion in the tribe because of strange markings on his shoulder, which were later found to be Demonflesh. These markings were regarded as a sign that he would do many great things and bring fortune to the tribe. He was given the sacred name of Geriandris to mark him as the tribes new hope in a hostile world. Geriandris grew big and strong quickly, growing to be a head taller than other cubs of the same age. He was the pride of the tribe. On his fifth birthday the village shaman gave Geriandris a bear totem with his name carved into it, although he had not yet learned to read bearborn language. Two months after his fifth name day, an avalanche destroyed his village. Geriandris was the sole survivor. He spent several days trying to dig his parents out, but this was to no avail. Geriandris left his village with nothing but the totem and a small bit of food he had found in his digging attempts. It was a week before he was attacked by a pack of wolves. Luckily, Geriandris’ large size afforded him an advantage over the first wolf to attack him. He killed it swiftly and put up such a vicious fight that the rest of the pack submitted to him quickly, for he had killed the alpha wolf. He spent nearly half a decade roaming with the wolf pack, marauding through the North Country and growing larger every day. In his eleventh year, Geriandris(now having forgotten his name but still keeping the totem) was raiding a small dwarf village for food when he was caught in a wolf trap. He broke free of the trap, but the village blacksmith witnessed the feat of strength and was thoroughly impressed. The blacksmith started leaving meat in his yard in an attempt to lure Geriandris in. Eventually, the blacksmith was able to come outside and hand the meat to Geriandris himself. Knowing a bit of bearspeak, from trading his wares with bear tribes to the north, the blacksmith, Lorn ßörson, started to try to communicate with Geri. Eventually, he was able to win Geriandris’ trust and convince him,( through pantomime, food, and bearspeak), to come live with the blacksmith. For the next eight years, Geriandris worked with the blacksmith and learned the ways of a more civilized being: the language of the dwarves, hunting techniques, and how to drink like a proper dwarf. Not knowing how to read bearborn writings, the blacksmith gave Geriandris the name of Barn, which is dwarvish for Bear. When he turned sixteen, the blacksmith forced him to go out and hunt the wolf pack he had terrorized the village with, to prove his loyalty to the dwarves. Barn accomplished this, and used the wolf skins to make himself a cape. When Barn turned 20, Lorn made him his first sword. It was a bastard sword named Wolfsbane. 2 years later, bandits from the south stormed the village by night. Barn, who was sleeping when they fell upon the village, was only able to slay six bandits before he was subdued. He was forced to watch as an Elven bandit made Lorn drink melted Iron as punishment for Barn killing so many bandits. Barn was taken south and trained as a fighting slave. He was allowed by the bandits, and subsequent slavers, to keep his sword and cape as they added to his ferocious look and drew greater crowds to his fights. While serving as a fighting slave, he befriended a dwarf slave who taught him the common tongue, a lesson which saved him from many beatings at the hands of his owners. He became quickly adept at fighting, and started to gain respect for his ferocity amongst many mercenary companies. Eventually, one such company bought his freedom and enlisted him in their service. He served with them for a year but became quickly disillusioned by the traitorous nature of mercenaries. He then bought his way out of the company and decided to make a go of it alone, as a traveling barbarian.

Barn The Barbarian

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